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A Chat with Dr. Marconi - Member, Core Group late Matanha and principal advisor to Ms. Alina Saldanha

Dear Rajan-bab,

You might have been a bit too late.

This morning, out of the blue I decided to put in a call to Dr. Marconi, the close
confidant of Alina and the leader of Matanhy\'s core group.

He informs me that Alina has signed on the dotted lines of the BJP
membership form yesterday and has also talked to the Press about her views

He also tells me that Manohar Parrikar has also made his views on MOPA and
DABOLIM clear to the press.

At this moment I do not have the papers with me to check out these views.

However, I have told Dr. Marconi the follwing:

1. That the only reason for MOPA not figuring in the BJP\'s Manifesto 2012
for Goa is because Matanhy did not want it there.
2. That the Navy will bulldoz its way to get complete control of Dabolim
Airport once MOPA starts Civilian operation, 100 per cent.
3. That the Navy refuses to go to Karwar Sea Bird Base and wants Goa
exclusively along with the Islands.
4. That Matanhy is on record of vociferously opposing MOPA when he spoke
along with me at various Anti-MOPA meetings, including the ones held at
Agacaim Cross and at Aquem Margao in the school hall, organized by
Churchill when he had formed the Save Goa Front.

Hoping for the best in the interest of GOA.


PS: My gut feeling is that Alina may be manipulated.

----- Original Message -----
From: Rajan P. Parrikar
Sent: Tuesday, May 01, 2012 3:23 AM
Subject: [Goanet] Alina, this is what Matanhy thought of Mopa

To Goanet -

Joegoauk has posted this news item on Facebook (he does not cite its

Stating that her husband, late Matanhy Saldanha was neither for nor against
proposed Mopa international airport, Ms Alina Saldanha told the media that
Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Parrikar has assured her of continuing with the
airport by undertaking its expansion, even after the Mopa airport becomes

And as far as the views of my husband on the Mopa airport are concerned, I
yet to find them, Ms Saldanha said, informing that presently she is reading
files maintained by him.


Dear Alina,

I have the views of Matanhy-bab in my mailbox. He unequivocally thought that
that the Mopa airport project was a scam and that it should not go ahead.

Here is a screen grab of the email he sent me and Geraldo Oliveira on Aug
30, 2008 -

You can see the attached Word file. The contents of that file I made public
right away on Goanet. Here -

I hope someone can get this information to Alina so that she can convene
a press conference and set the record straight. I can forward her Matanhy\'s
email if she so wishes.


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