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Re: Shah Commission Report - Press Statement for kind favour of publication

Date: September 15, 2012

The Editor,

Press Statement vis a vis September 15, 2012 Newspaper Headlines.

TOI - You\'re allowed to export ore: Parrikar to miners.
NT - Ore-at-jetties position by Sept 21: CM.
GT - CM assures mineral ore exporters.

The Goa Su-Raj Party categorically states that the CM of Goa has NO MORAL RIGHT to allow transportation and shipment of iron/manganese ore in Goa in view of the critical report by the Shah Commission on illegal mining resorted to by vested interests as well as by the successive governments of Goa in collusion with the Central agencies such as MoEF and others.

As per the Shah Commission Report, every mine- lessee has mined:
(1) Outside the jurisdiction/boundaries of the established leases.
(2) Below the water table.
(3) In contravention of the Forests (Conservation) Act, 1980, where 114.40 square kilometers of forests have been decimated.
(4) Illegally through illegal condonation of delays of 26 leases by Chief Ministers, 7 leases by Mines Ministers and 7 others by cooks and butlers.
(5) Leases registered in UNKNOWN names, with EC given when the leases did not even exist.
(6) Unreregistered or fake leases in the catchment area of Selaulim Dam and which ore to the tune of 93,304 tonnes illegally stolen from registered dumps before the
Shah Commission inspection.

And a load of other mind-boggling illegalities where the Shah Commission has reported that Goa\'s successive governments were running the state not knowing which department was doing what with reference to GSPCB and Directorate of Mines where these are the custodians of keeping a critical eye on things w.r.t. mining industry. This could only mean high-handed Political abuse.

On top of all this Mr. Digamber Kamat has the cheek to announce to the world that he has not been \'indicted\' by the Shah Commission. A plain reading of page 351 of the Report in the Condonation of delays in the Mining Lease No.2/FEMN/79 indicates that the Shah Commission has indicted Mr. Digamber Kamat in no uncertain terms of abuse of power by sitting in judgment in this case matter when he has no role to play at all as mines minister.

With the goose of Ex-Chief Ministers Pratapsing Raojee Rane and Digamber Kamat having certainly been cooked in this Report, Manohar Parrikar is not much far behind. He will go down for having closed his eyes to all this mass and blatant loot of Goa\'s mineral resources as the Goa\'s all clean Chief Minister, and , now, for allowing the transportation and shipment of the left-right-and-center illegally mined ore when the Shah Commission Report is explicit that all mined ore existing in Goa as of now must be seized for the recovery of Rs. 35,000 Crores.

The Loot of Rs. 35,000 Crores must be recovered from all the mining players as well as the concerned politicians and ex-politicians, and through seizing and auctioning every bit of the available ore in Goa, as there is not an iota of legally extracted ore anywhere on the soil of Goa.

A fraction of this recovered loot must go into the rehabilitation of those bonafide Goan families which are proven to have been dependent on the mining industry and not party workers sympathetic to the Party ideologies. The rest should go into programmes to augment better job facilities for Goan youth w.r.t. the setting up of the IT-HUBs, EDUCATION HUBs (with emphasis on qualitative Primary Education) and improving on the generally deplorable existing infrastructure such as Public Health - Sanitation & Hygiene, Public Transport, all low Deplorable Traffic Management, non existent law and order situation and simplified governance where ordinary lay people do not have to run from \'pillar to post\' to get their simple work done without paying bribes. So much for the \'ZERO TOLERANCE TO CORRUPTION\' slogan.

Above all, we would like to draw your kind attention to the Shah Commission Report - Part II at Page 7 captioned INSTEAD OF NOURISHING \'DEMOCRACY\', ARE WE MARCHING TOWARDS ANARCHY?, where the 3rd. para states as under:

After one person made representation about illegal mining, hue and cry was raised by other persons stating that:-
a) Illegal mining should be permitted to be continued; and
b) In any case illegal mining should be regularized
Because:- ....

Incidentally the \'one person\' which Justice Shah is talking about in the above quote is none other than yours faithfully. The names of Digamber Kamat, Joaquim Alemao, Vishvajeet Rane and Jitendra Deshprabhu were uttered openly and Justice Shah was asked what and how he intends to bring these patrons of illegal mining to book.

Therefore, if this is all too much of a problem for the present government of Manohar Parrikar to solve, let Goa Su-Raj show the way.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Floriano Lobo
Gen. Secretary,
(m) 9890470896

Goa Su-Raj Party has been in existence since 31/08/2000.

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