TiTs & BiTs (016)

TiTs & BiTs (016)

AND, after a bit of a gap in the TiTs & BiTs show,

Here’s to BRUNO COUTINHO for making Goa and Goan Football called Soccer, proud. Well done Bruno. May your dedication and will to excel instill determination in our Goan footballers of which Goa has no dearth.

Once, a Bengali shipmate colleague of mine was arguing with me insisting that India will never produce Olympic athletes, because, he said, our Indian diet is inferior to sustain the requirement of world standard performance. To that I had replied saying “Have you ever heard of Dara, Milka Singhs or Neville D’Souza? You think they ate channa –massala and mirchi pao?

And, the inevitable has happened. The BANK OF GOA, which graduated from the Mapusa Urban Co-operative Bank, has fallen in dire straits no sooner its blue-eyed boy, who has been deserting political parties in the past, actually deserted his baby. What they say must be very true, “that rats never stay long on a sinking ship”. The vast experience that Ramakant Khalap has gained during his political life must have come handy to walk away, just in the nick of time.

And, if I am not mistaken, there is the High Court Order against illegal ENCROACHMENTS on the Goa’s National Highways by Cement Product manufacturers, wholesale marble/granite vendors, horticulturists etc. As usual, nothing will happen and the corporate grabs are on, unimpeded. After the USA’s IT firms making a beeline for Bangalore’s plush Real Estate, it is believed that SEARS hardware and SAFEWAY food chain stores are competing with Rajasthani Marble Companies for the stake in Goa’s National highway Real Estate. One mini SAFEWAY store is already up near the Guirim/Soccoro junction, if someone wants to sample its stuff.

And, it is a real pity that PANJIMITES never get to look forward without glancing over their shoulders for hidden surprises. After Miramar Beach privatization, it was Campal Rain trees. Then came the Old GMC followed by Massano de Amorim heritage buildings. And now PANJIM MUNICIPAL CORPORATION. It is a wonder that Panjimites are not suffering from acute spondilitis. All said and done, I feel that this Corporation business is money wasting sham. As I have said before, Manohar Parrikar creates problems and solves them to the satisfaction of his detractors. Only this time, he does not have detractors but ‘A DETRACTOR’ , who happens to be BABUSH MONSERRATE. Manohar Parrikar wants to deny him his election time promis of giving him his Taleigao Panchayat back, in a round about way, just because he could’nt say a straight forward “NO” . They say that the most creamy, easiest word is “YES” which gets a lot of people in a lot of hot soup. A clear ‘NO’ would have saved a lot of people a lot of ulcers and hungry bellies. But then, ‘NO’ is the most difficult word of them all, especially for POLITICIANS.

And, I would’nt be doing justice if I did’nt mention “BONDERAM” of MALAR. These are different BONDERAM from the ones from DIWAR. “NON COMMERCIAL”, they want to keep them. And it is very difficult to maintain anything non-commercial these days. But there are five MALAR TIGERS who I know of, who swear that it can, and will be done. MARIO FERNANDES ( ex London) , JUSTINO COUTINHO (ex Bandra-Mumbai), ANTHONY MENEZES (ex. Calcutta), CAMILO MENEZES (ex. Germany) and ANTHONY GOMES (shuttler from Bandra and Malar) are hype about the whole thing. They assure me that the next year’s Malar Bonderam will be a totally different concept. With a dedicated team like that, MALAR BONDERAM –2003 could’nt miss the mark. And incase anyone of you wants to sample ‘MALAR BONDERAM’-2002 , just click on www.goasu-raj.org “Bonderam”.